Denver Broncos: The Next Great QB?

The Broncos had a phenomenal season this year. We managed to get another Super Bowl under our belt (our first since Super Bowl XXXIII in 1999 when we were up against the Atlanta Falcons) and we got to see Peyton Manning get his big win before retiring. But now Peyton’s gone and Brock Osweiler’s leaving for the Houston Texans, and so it looks like there’s a big gap open for QB.

The answer isn’t clear yet, but we’re seeing all sorts of players come to the table. Here’s a quick rundown of some names that people have been batting about.

Mark Sanchez

For a conditional draft pick, the Broncos have brought in Mark Sanchez from the Philadelphia Eagles, which means we’ll have to give a conditional 2017 7th round pick to the Philadelphia Eagles. Tit-for-tat. While not necessarily starter material, Sanchez has the experience to be a solid back-up option going forward. He has a career pass completion percentage of 56.7 and over 15,100 passing yards. All together, he’s thrown 86 touchdowns and has an average yards per pass attempt of 6.77. But now there’s been talk that the Broncos might send Sanchez to the San Francisco 49ers for…

Colin Kaepernick

With 6 seasons compared to Sanchez’ 8, Colin Kaepernick is definitely the fresher of the two QBs. His career pass completion is a bit better at 59% as is his average yards thrown per pass attempt of 7.37. Kapernick has less experience than Sanchez, but he wants to play for the Broncos and has a lot of room to grow.

Ryan Fitzpatrick

Ryan Fitzpatrick would make one heck of a QB. He’s proven himself as a strong player throughout his 12 season career. He’s thrown 154 touchdowns, has a passer rating of 80 and has thrown nearly 23,000 yards. Out of all the available QB’s he’d bring the most experience and skill, but apparently his free agent fees would also bring a hefty price tag.

Tim Tebow

One player that a lot of fans have been talking about is Tim Tebow. There’s the fear that there might be a little bad blood after Tebow was traded to the Patriots for Manning. Tebow didn’t have the best experience with the Patriots or with the Philadelphia Eagles, but with a passer rating of 75.3, over 2,400 passing yards and 17 touchdowns, he’s still a statistically strong candidate. Nevermind the fact that he may be a little out of practice….


Check out this gem from 2012.

Who do you think the Broncos will go with?