Corey Engelen’s Favorite Hikes Near Denver: Part III

There really are a number of reasons to love living in Colorado. Chief among those is the unparalleled access to the outdoors. At least several times a month, I like to put work aside, and head out for a hike with my family

Corey Engelen’s Favorite Hikes Near Denver: Part III

There are tons of places to hike throughout Colorado as a whole, but there are a number of beautiful spots that are just a stone’s throw away from Denver. I have compiled a list of some of my favorite places to go hiking in the area. This is part three of that list. In no particular order here are 2 more places to hike.

Note: The hikes in this list are only a stone’s throw away from Denver. Driving time will vary of course, but I bet you can get to each one of these in 30-45 minutes.

Bear Creek Trail – Lair O’ Bear

Bear Creek Trail - Corey Engelen's Favorite Hikes Near Denver: Part III

With its smooth gradient and generous foliage, Bear Creek Trail makes for the perfect family hike.

By far the easiest of the hikes on this list, Bear Creek Trail is a perfect place to take the kids and the family dog (with a leash). No withering peaks or valleys hear. Just a smooth jaunt alongside the eponymous Bear Creek. Although the trail within the park goes only for 1.7 miles, it extends in either direction outside of the park. So if you’re looking to get a little more extra mileage you’re in luck. The creek and its environs are teaming with wildlife from beavers to fish. I’m not the biggest fly fisherman myself, but I’ve seen a number of people fly fish along the creek.

Bluffs Loop Trail – Regional Park

Bluffs Loop Trail - Corey Engelen's Favorite Hikes Near Denver: Part II

Tucked right into Lone Tree, the Bluffs Loop Trail offers gorgeous views without having to drive far from the city.

Located in Regional Park near Lone Tree, the Bluff Loops Trail pays off with some amazing vistas of the Colorado Front Range for not all that much hustle. Like the Bear Creek Trail, the Bluff Loops is relatively easy, making it another perfect destination for your family hikes. If you’re lucky, you may even catch some horses on the trail. Keep in mind that this one doesn’t have nearly as much shade as the hike in Lair O’Bear and that it does have a bit steeper of gradient. But you and your family should be easily able to finish up this 2.7 mile loop. If you follow the additional trail spurs, you can stretch your hike to 3.5 miles. If you’re really looking to stretch your hike, you can make connections to the Highlands Ranch trails, the East/West Regional Trail, and the South Suburban Parks and and Rec trail system.



If you’re looking for some hikes that are just a stone’s throw away from Denver, I can’t recommend these spots enough. Stay tuned for more great Colorado hikes!

Happy hiking!

Corey Engelen