Broncos Face a Stunning Defeat by the Raiders

Yesterday’s Broncos Raiders match was brutal to watch. It really is a shame. Not only did the Broncos accumulate 310 yards – compared to the Raiders 126 – but we also had the ball 12 minutes more than they did and 12 more first downs! On top of that, the Raiders had negative yardage in the first half, the score was 12-0, and they still somehow managed to come back and win. I tip my hat to them, but…what’s up with that?!?


Two things come to mind: the deficiency of our O-line in keeping back the QB Assassin Khalil Mack and an inability to step-up our game in the red-zone.


Mack notched FIVE sacks onto his belt, a single-game record originally set by Howie Long.

At one point he managed to not only push over the 305 pound tackle, but he literally ran right over him.


corey engelen khalil mack sack

Khalil Mack in action (Photo courtesy of USA Today)

Milehighreport purports that the our loss can be chalked up to red-zone efficiency. The Raiders were 2-for-2 in the red zone vs. the Broncos being 0-for-3.


When a team makes a number of errors and wins, it’s easy to overlook the mistakes. But when a team has a number of errors and loses, well, those errors suddenly seem to carry so much. The Broncos had their share of errors Emmanuel Sanders dropped a punt and a strip zone in the end zone led to a safety, which admittedly would have been much worse had Max Garcia not prevented another Oakland Touchdown.


But I think everyone who caught the game would agree, our offensive line was our greatest weak point. I mean, FIVE sacks. As Kubiak said, “We had many, many chances to get it done and didn’t get it done.”


What’s worse, this loss is costing us a lot. The Broncos were close to nailing the Number 1 seed in the AFC since the Bengals lost to the Steelers, but now the Patriots will be taking that position and the Broncos have been allotted the WildCard round…


But here’s the upside: the Broncos defense is still the No.1 in scoring defense and No.1, No. 1 in sacks. No. 1 in pass defense and No. 3 in run defense.


I hope to see our No. 1 rankings not stop there. Let’s do this!