Before Cowboys and Pioneers, These People Lived in Colorado (and still do)

In the minds of many, Denver is a new city. While the likes of New York, Boston, Charleston, and Chicago seem old in comparison, Denver is the equivalent of an adolescent. Many people think of cowboys and pioneers when they think of the first inhabitants of Colorado. But long before American settlers arrived, Colorado and its environs were settled by another people, the Utes. Over the years, the Utes and Americans had a tumultuous relationship, as often happened with many of the populations that the US–and by extension many European countries–attempted to trick, displace, and in some cases exterminate. But today, the Ute Nation still has foothold in Colorado. When it comes to looking at indigenous peoples, it’s essential to understand that they’re not just part of our history, they are part of our present.

Here are a couple of videos that look at the history of the Utes




Corey Engelen